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All hail the rusty queen; the pretty things, we haven't seen.

And we wrote ourselves clean.

12 January 1992
My name is Dominique, I'm fifteen years old and I live in the Netherlands.

Writing is my absolute passion! I'm currently writing fanfiction on fanfiction.net... what about, you ask? well... I'm addicted to House MD! Oh the character studies you can do on Gregory House... it just never ends! I'd love to team up with another writer or a fanartist sometime: (I love House fanart as well but all other sorts of creativity have abandoned me, I'm afraid) I'd love to enter a competition but I'm too chicken-ish to do it by myself and I've always wondered what my stories would look like of someone drew them out... check them out on Fanfiction.net if you're interested, my penname is My Confident Tomorrow.

and if you're just looking for a fun-loving person then that'd be me as well...

that's it. :P